viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Reina Bruja's New Image

Hello my darlings... I really hope you are well and happy these days.

I would really like to share with you the new image of Reina Bruja. It's been a while since me and my sister have been working on this, thinking, preparing and re-designing every aspect, and finally it came out really nice!

We've been working a lot on the concept and the message I want to deliver to all those special people out there...

I hope you enjoy every aspect of it and continue to support small handmade businesses :) 

Remember that for USA customers I have my items on ebay (you can click on the side bar on the right)

Y para toda la república mexicana está mi sitio en Facebook (has click en la barra de la derecha) 

Thank you and see you around, 

Blessed be

La Reina Bruja 

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Midsummer Witch Hunt: A tribute to the fallen Sisters

Hello my darlings, as some of you know I am a big fan of Joy Shannon and The Beauty Marks, and I want to share this beautiful music video of her song Midsummer Witch Hunt.

Imagen de Google Images

Tha song is a powerful tribute to all the tortured women around the world, for being different, pure and sacred. As we all know the word witch has been misunderstood for many a year.

I hope you enjoy the song and the beauty of the video...

You can also check out this band's website for more information, joyshannonandthebeautymarks

blessed be,

La Reina Bruja

martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

A Witch's Confession...

We were free once, we were loved; we are made of the purest love.

-A Witch's Confession 

Necklaces featured:
Amulet Necklace and Triple Selene Necklace 

La Reina Bruja 

Femenine Poetry: Segovia Amil (film)

Hello there, I just wanted to share quickly the excellency of this fragil short film of the talented Poet Segovia Amil.

This lovely expression of femenine beauty really inspires my work and everyday life, please enjoy and share to a special friend :)

Goddess blessings )O(

La Reina Bruja