viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

Music: Nox Arcana "Gothic"

Ghastly, grim and gaunt Nox Arcana has returned with beautiful and eerie music for us creatures of the night...

I'm so happy with the new album of Nox Arcana named, Gothic. This new album offers us the same mysterious spirit of the band adding new sounds and more ghostly legends. The whole album goes around a hunted mansion called Grimstone Manner, a brief description of this house comes inside the CD book, it reads like this;

"Beyond the graveyard at the edge of town, far from any living soul, an old Gothic mansion looms among the withered vines and trees. The ancient doors creak slowly open and ghostly whispers echo from the shadows, beckoning you inside. Welcome to Grimstone Manor, where dark secrets lie in wait for those who dare to explore its unhallowed halls."

I've been a big fan of this incredible music for quite some time, and I truly recommend the new album. It is perfect for artistic inspiration, gloomy environment and dreams no mortal ever dreamt before...

You can purchase their music and Joseph Vargo's illustations at their website: 

see you around my sweetlings, 

blessings )O(