miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Colección "Noche de Brujas" por Reina Bruja, Octubre 2016

"Welcome to the dark forest, where creatures from the shadows roam between trees, and sing with the wind. Vampires, witches and goblins rule this land; beware to enter alone..." -Reina Bruja


The Magick of the night combined with autumn's festivities encircle the new Halloween colection of Reina Bruja.

In order to be in balance, you must embrace the shadows in yourself, love them and make them part of your whole soul. 

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed Samhain, Halloween and Day of the Dead. May the magick of the shadows make you brave enough to fight, always.


Concept, Makeup, and Model: Bárbara Badillo

Photography and Editing: Nuria Díaz

Staff and extra help: Gabriela Cárdenas

Location; "Doña Petra" Canyon, Ensenada Baja California, México

Stay tune for the upcoming short Vampire picture story "Carmilla's Longing" and the backstage footage!

See you around, blessings )O(

Reina Bruja