lunes, 22 de febrero de 2016

Reina Bruja "The Magick Within" Photoshoot

The power of feminity is all around us and within us, from the seed of a flower to waves of the ocean. In every tear you cry, pure sacred life awaits...

"Be who you are meant to be, not more, not less."

"You are a magickal being; embrace it."

"Warrior, priestess, witch, alchemist, sorceress, maiden, mother, crone and queen."

"Let me follow the path where darkness and light dance in balance."

"I've awaken with the first call of Imbolc."

"A witch's strength and magick comes from her luxurious hair."

"Mother, I am made as your body, spirit, heart and soul."

"I am Love because I am made of your Love."

May the love, power, courage, light and darkness of the Goddess inspire your personal path to eternal wisdom and perfect balance.

-Reina Bruja