jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Backstage Footage ("Carmilla's Longing") Reina Bruja's Halloween Photoshoot

Because everybody loves backstage footage and bloopers, I share with you the fun process of getting the right pictures hehehe.

It was a very hot sunday, the location was crowded with families having pic nics and playing with their dogs but we managed to enjoy the day and complete the photoshoot :D

I am a very goofy and silly person, so after every "click" of the camera I had to laugh or make a joke, besides it was hot as hell and I was wearing black velvet, so you can imagine...

Besides being friends, we make a good artistic team...

The concept of the finished photoshoot was the gloomy mystery of the deadly months of October and November. This season is always filled with darkness, melancholy and death. I chose the vampire figure to represent that.

I dearly thank my friends-sisters for helping me with my artistic things, we had a lot of fun! 

Don't forget to watch the finished work Reina Bruja's Halloween Photoshoot  and the Short Picture Story "Carmilla's Longing" 

I hope you enjoyed, blessings! )O(


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